The comprehensive tool chain for the entire luminaire’s life

Tuner4TRONIC is the powerful digital End2End solution for development, production and maintenance.

Whether series production or individual adaptation of luminaires, Tuner4TRONIC makes configuring luminaires child’s play. Perfectly embedded in your process workflows or at your fingertips.

For the entire life cycle of your luminaire, from development to service, Tuner4TRONIC is providing you with the right software tools to manage your product.

Starting from the client’s idea translated into the right configuration for the LED driver in the luminaire by the developer, the data is accessible for the manufacturing workflow to be downloaded to program each individual product. Once at the installation site, installation staff can realize fine-tuning or modifications with the easy-to-use Tuner4TRONIC mobile app. Maintenance and service technicians can also use this app to monitor the luminaire’s status, upload revised settings created by the luminaire maker or replace drivers with a clone by simply copying data from the original LED driver.

Light levels, luminaire performance, permission settings and application data can be defined and monitored to extract the maximum value from our award-winning OSRAM OPTOTRONIC LED driver products. Tuner4TRONIC supports different production schemes, from individual programming of low batches to highly automatized mass production. Product and programming data is safe and easily manageable. Always and everywhere.

Highest flexibility, seamless integration, ease-of-use – that’s what Tuner4TRONIC is all about. It enables you to simplify your processes and creates value for your clients with the high quality and security level you expect from us.

Tuner4TRONIC 360° approach

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