BT Control System

Super flexible lighting control with app control via Bluetooth

Super flexible lighting control with app control via Bluetooth

Easy commissioning with plug-and-play, convenient configuration, operation and control via smartphone with our free app: With versatile control solutions for DALI LED drivers, you can install professional light management as simply and conveniently as never before.

With the three control units DALI ACU BT, DALI ECO BT and DALI ECO BT RTC, you have all the options you need to efficiently and economically realize lighting systems in rooms with up to 32 luminaires under 100 m2: medium-sized offices, small conference rooms, stairwells and foyers or corridors.

While DALI ACU BT is installed in flush-mounted boxes behind a classic push-button, DALI ECO BT is suitable for luminaire installation or with a strain relief for independent installation, e.g. in suspended ceilings. DALI ECO BT RTC additionally offers you an integrated real-time clock (RTC). This creates the basis for daytime-dependent control and thus for the development of human-centric lighting concepts for simulating the course of daylight in color temperature and brightness.

BT Control System Overview

Application Controller


Connectable Luminaires (drivers)

Luminaires with standard DALI Drivers
DALI device type 8 (DT8) drivers (Tunable white)
Max. 32 devices (Broadcast or Group control)

Connectable Input Devices

Apps to configure and control
Standard Push button (Direct)

The individual features at a glance

The following features are available when using one of these controls:


Out of the box features are functions that can be used right after connecting the devices and powering them up (No Config App needed)

Basic system (Controller + Luminaire + Push button):

  • Switch and dim the light via direct connected push button
  • Save the switch on light level via double press on the push button
  • Wireless light control with the User App (BT control).
  • Config App access will be blocked after 2h to avoid hacking. 1)

Basic system plus OSRAM DALI Sensor connected:

  • Presence detection enabled automatically (15 min absence timer)
  • Daylight harvesting enabled by double press on the connected push button 2)

1) The access will be enabled for 2h after each power cycle
2) DALI ECO BT RTC light regulation will be started autom. after synchronizing the clock (connecting with the app)

All BT Control devices are configurable via the Config App for more flexibility

The app can be downloaded from the App- and Google Store. All settings can be looked up in the DEMO mode, without the need to connect to a physical device.

The following settings can be adapted via App:

Load / Save a profile

  • Very fast way to adapt the settings to the application
  • Main office application available
  • Save all settings as a custom profile and apply it on multiple rooms

Light regulation / Daylight harvesting (DLHV)

  • Enable / Disable
  • Change Setpoint
  • Enable / Disable switch off when enough daylight is present

Motion detection

  • Enable / Disable
  • Change delay time to adjust between energy saving and comfort
  • Test Mode to check the detection area
  • Standby level to dim down before switching off


  • Enable / disable wireless communication between BT Control devices (Share presence information)
  • Presence signal between up to 20 controllers can be shared in a zone
  • Up to 20 different zones can be created in a room

Additional settings

  • Set control status after power failure
  • Change Min / Max DALI Levels of the connected luminaires
  • Set Min / Max Color Temp. of the connected luminaires
  • Configurable Push button interface with predefined profiles
  • Adjustable PIR inhibit timer to adjust between energy saving and comfort

All BT Control devices support also Tunable White DALI Luminaires

Tunable white features will be enabled automatically if one or more DALI Device Type 8 Tunable White driver (DALI DT8 TW) are connected.

Out of the box

  • Control App will automatically display a color temperature control
  • DALI PRO PB Coupler supports Color temperature control
  • Button 1: ON/ OFF/ DIM
  • Button 2: Change Color Temperature

Configurable with the config app

  • Store and recall scenes
  • Change min and max color temperature limits
  • Scene recall with the DALI push button coupler

Recommendation: Use the DALI Pro PB Coupler when using the tunable White luminaires to also change color temperature without app.

The DALI interface can be upgraded from Broadcast into Groupcast

  • Individual control of up to 4 groups (Dimming / Changing color temperature)
  • Flexible group assignment of each single luminaire

Extended light regulation functions

  • Group 1 is the master for light regulation
  • Group 2, 3 and 4 can be enabled to follow group one
  • Individual Offset can be set for group 2, 3 and 4 for delayed dimming (typical requirement for classrooms)

Extended scene control

  • Scenes can be stored with different light levels and color temperature for each individual group

Extended Push button coupler profiles

  • Scene recall
  • Switching and dimming of up to 4 group
  • Switch / Dim and color temperature change of up to 2 groups

Sensor support

  • Enable / Disable a single sensor (Light or Motion) 1)

1) Affects all groups

All BT Control products are certified DALI-2 Application controller by the DIIA according to:

  • IEC 62386-101 : System Components
  • IEC 62386-103 : Control Devices

Certified Product properties:

  • Application controller
  • Provide bus power

Controlling luminaires supporting:

  • DALI-1 drivers
  • DALI-2 drivers
  • LED drivers (Part 207)
  • Tunable White drivers (Part 208)
  • Feedback from drivers (incl. lamp failure)
  • Addressing and Grouping

Interact with sensors and couplers supporting:

  • Event messages from input devices
  • Push-buttons (part 301)
  • Occupancy Sensors (part 303)
  • Light sensors (part 304)

Additional features for the DALI ECO BT RTC

The following features are available when using DALI ECO BT RTC.

Integrated Real time Clock

  • The integrated real time clock allows daytime based events
  • 72h energy buffer to compensate power loss

Extended Push button interface

  • Up to 2 push button connectable to the internal push button interface (2nd push button needs a resistor in series)

Out of the box features

  • Push button 1: Switch / Dim
  • Push button 2: Change color temperature
  • Preset HCL feature starts automatically after connecting with the smartphone (Synchronization of time and date required)

Allows the automatic change of brightness level and color temperature during daytime to support the wellbeing of the end users. Optimized to use in combination with tunable white drivers.

  • Preset timetable for normal office use
  • HCL will start automatically with default settings after synchronizing the real-time clock.
  • Easy adaptable via the OSRAM BT Config App
  • Up to 24 points can be added or modified in the HCL curve
  • Each point consist of: Daytime, Light level, Color temperature
  • The fast play button shows the HCL curve in a time lapse reducing the 24h into 72s
  • Daylight harvesting with dynamic setpoint implemented
  • Light regulation setpoint according to the HCL brightness curve to allow higher brightness level during activation phases
  • Up to four different timer can be activated to configure the devices to start and stop automatically the connected luminaires
  • Each Timer consists of: Start time, Stop time, Week days (one or more week days can be chosen per timer)



More technical data


More technical data


More technical data

Supported Sensors

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Supported Couplers

More technical data

DALI2 components: Sensors

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DALI2 components: Interfaces

More technical data



The OSRAM BT Config App allows a fast, easy and very flexible adaption of the control to the individual requirements of the customer. The use of different controls for different application are now a thing of the past.

OSRAM BT Control

Control DALI-capable luminaires at a touch. This app lets users intuitively adjust light levels and color temperatures, save individual light scenes and manually overwrite automatic lighting control.

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